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Picto-Quotes (topic)
Quotation Station

Spirit Village

07/26/13 9:38 PM
Quotations From The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle  (topic)
"There is nothing personal in this: I am not teaching you. You are consciousness, and you are listening to yourself. There is an Eastern saying: "The teacher and the taught together create the teaching." In any case, the words in...
Quotation Station

Spirit Village

02/03/13 5:00 AM
Tom Robbins Quotations (topic)
"The difference between love and logic is that in the eyes of a lover, a toad can be a prince, whereas in the analysis of a logistician, the lover would have to prove that the toad was a prince, an enterprise destined to dull the shine...
Quotation Station

White Feather

02/01/12 5:45 PM
Short Philip Quotes (topic)
"The only way you can ever get out of being controlled is by questioning what controls you." - Philip, as articulated by Sheradon BryceSheradon Bryce is one of the most prolific channelers of all time. She channeled Philip from the late...
Quotation Station

White Feather

01/15/12 2:22 AM
Health Quotations (topic)
"In my experience, the more people have, the less likely they are to be contented. Indeed, there is abundant evidence that depression is a 'disease of affluence,' a disorder of modern life in the industrialized world. People who live in...
Quotation Station

Vital Links

01/12/12 9:56 PM
Celebrity Quotations (topic)
It's not just wise spiritual teachers who say interesting quotable things. This thread is for quotations from celebrities who are not considered wise spiritual teachers. This can include musicians, actors, business moguls, politicians,...
Quotation Station

Vital Links

01/03/12 11:25 PM
Stichomancies From A New Earth (topic)
A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose, by Eckhart Tolle is one of my favorite books to do stichomancies with. While I consider it one of the best books of all time as far as reading it cover to cover, it is also one of those rare...
Quotation Station

White Feather

12/23/11 11:19 PM
Edgar Cayce Quotes (topic)
"Some years ago I had dinner with a noted East Indian lecturer who asked me what I thought was the difference between personality and individuality. I answered this way: Personality is what you want the other fellow to think you are, and...
Quotation Station

White Feather

07/28/11 8:50 PM

Park Bench Mojo
The Writings of White Feather

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